Game Sudies

As a game design teacher, sometimes i find myself invited to give game design talks in public or private events.
Here is some recent presentations I uploaded on Slideshare

Develer workshop: Mettiamoci in gioco

A game design workshop I held at Develer in 2017 (ITA).

Game Design Concept Tool

Gameplay Concept Tool

Slides from a game design talk given in Pisa at Internet Festival 2016, with Francesco Lanzo

Marshmallow design challenge

Marshmallow design challenge: build a tower, build a team!

A team-building exercise and game development workshop about time, creativity and marshmallows.

Workshop held with my friend Giuseppe from Balzo (ITA)

Spazi fisici, spazi possibili

Spazi fisici e spazi possibili.
Come i videogiochi bilanciano gratificazione e libertà

Slides from a game analisys talk given in Pisa at Internet Festival 2015 about freedom and agency (ITA).